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As a professional female hockey player it is my duty to inspire the next generation. I do that by getting on the ice and sharing my knowledge with younger girls and boys through coaching. Currently I am a skills coach providing one on one and group training. Contact me for inquiries.

Fast and Female

In July 2016 I was an ambassador for Fast and Female Canada. Fast and Female is a not for profit organization on a mission of keeping girls healthy, happy, and active in sport through their teens by introducing them to inspiring athlete role models. I shared my athletic journey in hopes to inspire young ladies to stay active.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

I started out being a team rep. as a sophomore for the Syracuse University SAAC and in my junior year promoted to a member of the executive board. Within SAAC we are constantly out in the community doing volunteer work and appearances. I have participated in events such as serving meals at the Rescue Mission, school visit Q/A panels, school reading visits where we read to the students, as well as visiting the boys and girls club to help with homework and hangout with the kids.

Community Outreach: Past Events
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